Blogging about Blogs (Blogception)

Okay, the first blog I visited was Mike Rose’s blog. The implied audience was his fans who already new enough about him that he didn’t feel the need to say anything about himself. Usually, you go to someones website and it says something like “about the author” or whatever but his was just a slick black and white photo of himself then “About the Blog” and then blog entries. Also, just by the way the blog is set up, it shows that the author knows people knows who he is. There is no introduction, just his blog posts and links to his published writings.

The second blog I visited was “Oh My Dog!”, a blog all about dogs! I personally love dogs so finding this blog was so much fun. The authors implied audience is dog lovers. The author makes puns about dogs that non-dog lovers would probably find obnoxious. I’m not sure the author is trying to attend to the audience in anyway; it is a personal blog. Although, the author did occasionally answer questions from his or her audience, so it appears that the author respects the audience even though he or she may not be writing for any particular reason. Attached is a such cute picture of the authors husband and two dogs.

The third blog I visited was about organization. The implied audience was people in need of organization help. The author filled his or her blogs posts with key words such as; tips and organization help. The author knows that the audience is coming to this blog for help with organization so by each post, the blogger is blogging according to these needs.

Thinking about blogs as a genre is a very interesting thing to do. I personally want to separate each piece of writing I encounter into a specific genre, and even though these three blogs are all different, they do have one major similarity. All three of these authors have started out with this blog for themselves but now each and every post is written and corrected because someone, somewhere will read it.

Now, as a public writer, I am thinking about how my audience will view my work. I do not think there is anyone who writes in a public form and has no concern for how they or their work will be precieved. I want my audience to expect my writing to be fun and entertaining and I want to write in a way that is fun and entertaining so that people will want to come back to my blog and see what I have to say.


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