Dear Anna The Writer,

My dear, dear friend Anna. Oh how I long for your return from the war. The war of homework and un-fun duties that have consumed you devoured your normal, everyday life! I fear for you, my friend, that you have lost sight of who are as a writer. I know you like to tell people that you’re an English major and you “can totally help” your friends write their papers. But, my love, you are mistaken.

You want to become a teacher, a teacher that is innovative and like nothing you ever had. But how will you do that? You want to create these assignments that are creative and different, that will let each and every student be able to shine in some way. But honestly bruh, you only have two ideas; “5 paragraph essay” type assignments and then “structure-less” assignments. You were in a creative thinking class, yes it was for toddlers, but there are still ways you can turn that into something that would apply to older students.

You have not been able to write as much as you would like to, I know you have ideas and I know they could be something really great! But trust me, you have time and you have the ability to spend time focusing on your work. Spend time reading great books and pick up things you like, spend time re-reading what you have written and revise or rewrite! When the war begins to subside and all the damage of 5 hours of sleep has been attended to, re prioritize and get your shit together so you can become the teacher that encourages all kinds of writing.

Goodbye and I hope to see you soon,



One thought on “Dear Anna The Writer,”

  1. Anna, I literally laughed out loud when I read your first 2 sentences (which got me some pretty strange looks in the BSB study area, so thanks for that :)! It’s so interesting to think about school-based writing as “war” and your writing progress as dependent on recovery from that. As I was reading, I couldn’t help being excited for you and your UGP. You’ll be writing for a class, yes, but you get to choose the genre you want to write in. Same for the topics on your blog. I’m eager to see how that plays out. I’m rooting for you!

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