Some Study That I Used to Know

I really liked this video. I thought that it was not only very funny but very truthful. I personally do not remember most things I learned in school, honestly, I barely remember what I learned yesterday. But the point of the video was to explain how students actually feel about their education; which is that it is was pointless. Education is supposed to prepare us for the future and a lot of people that do have careers and are “grown up” do not use a lot of the information that was forced upon us in middle or high school. Of course basic knowledge on any subject is welcomed with open arms but there has to be a different system! As humans, we are wasting our precious time on this earth learning about things that are just simply boring. I think a lot of us in this class room right now may have experienced the short end of the stick with education that is primarily about testing and getting good scores. We should become the educators that make education something that it no longer is. We should no longer settle for teaching studies that our students will someday “used to know”.


2 thoughts on “Some Study That I Used to Know”

  1. Anna, I think you really love the educational memoir _This Is Not a Test_ by Jose Vilson. It will be a reading requirement for a couple of upcoming badges, but even if you don’t choose these, I suggest you put the book on your reading list. Vilson’s central premise relates directly to what you say at the end of this post.

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