Morning Pages – So We Meet Again

Dear Anna,

What’s up, it’s Anna. I hope all is well in future and you are happy and healthy. Right now, in 2016, I am sitting in our CO301D class blogging away. I don’t think I would have ever thought to write to you if it was not for this class, hope that doesn’t offend you. (Knowing us, it probably will – so chill.) Anyway, I hope that you have a job that is living up to all your expectations but I know it isn’t. I hope that when you can not get the students attention or when you over hear them talking shit about you behind your back, I want you to read this to remind you why you wanted to be a teacher.

You want to be a teacher because maybe you don’t know about anything else; all we have ever done was be in school. But that is okay, and yes we did complain for about 70% of it but it’s cool because school is probably the best thing in the world. Remember when you were in high school and all you wanted was to feel like you mattered and meant something to the world, well you have the potential to make someone else feel like that. Yes, you are teaching literacy and that is EXCELLENT, the world could use smarter people, but there is more to being a teacher than just teaching. I know we never had that relationship with a teacher but it is possible! Today, while I was working with the 6th graders at Blevins, I worked with Cat and explained to her what the assignment was asking and she seemed like she really did start to understand it and honestly, I will be bragging about that for the rest of the day. It was an incredible feeling getting to open up this door for her. You are a leader and you set an example for these kids, so set one that you are proud of. Yes, we are all different but that’s cool because they can look at the teacher you are and say “wow, she was really weird and annoying but she took interest in me” (yeah, they probably all think you are super weird and really annoying). Focus on that. Take an interest in everyone, even those kids that you just can NOT stand. Do your best to find something to connect with each child with, don’t let them feel like how you felt.

I’m sure you’re doing great, but just remember, you are here for a reason and you rule,



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