Morning Pages – Why I Write

Why I Write.

Why do I write?

Well, why not? I used to write because I was forced to for school assignments. But now I write because it is simply apart of me. Why do I breathe? I have to. Why do I write? I think I have to. Writing has become therapeutic to me. It is a way I can live out my fantasies, it is a way to vent, it is a way to push myself. I like to write fiction stories about things I wish I was involved in; you know those stupid love stories that just ride along the surface, and don’t have any real meaning, but I like them because that is the kind of stupid stuff I wish would happen to me. I like to write poetry (if you would even call it that) about things I’m even afraid to tell my therapist. I know that my notes in my phone or my journal on my desk are safe places to unleash my wildest, psychotic feelings. I like to write things that I would be proud to read. For some strange reason, I feel better about myself when I read books that have real meaning and books that are not meant for the average 20-year-old girl. I want to write stories and books like Vonnegut and Thompson, so I try to push myself to be the writer that I would want to read. Yes, reading love stories are easy, but I don’t always want easy. I like it when the content is hard and I like that when I am finished, I am proud to tell my dad and brother what I just read. I want to write things that they would like because making them happy is what makes me happy. Now, I also write because I am forced to for school assignments and sometimes, I do not mind. Like right now, I am happy to share and spend my morning reflecting and venting. But other times, I spend more time fighting with myself to start than actually writing.

I write because I want to.

Simple as that.


One thought on “Morning Pages – Why I Write”

  1. That is a very great reason to write. I catch myself dreading writing a lot but then I wonder why? It is something I am passionate about. Just because we are told to write something doesn’t mean we should dread it. It should be thought of as a great prompt for writing rather than an assignment that we have to do. It’s an opportunity for success and pleasure. I’m glad you write because you want to. That is the best reason I can think of!

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