Morning Pages – Trusted First Reader

I have shared my work with a fair amount of people; parents, brother, friends, and teachers. This is something that is not exactly comfortable, it is quite the opposite. I have a Note on my phone with a lot of free verse poetry, just stuff that randomly comes to me and if someone where to see that, it would basically be the end of the world. But, all the stuff I have shown to people, I have gotten very good feedback; they like my details, the humor, the plot, the rhyming but it is still scary!

I think my ideal writer would be someone who enjoys reading, empathetic, and can give me constructive criticism, this person is my high school senior Bible teacher, Mrs. McCaslin. Mrs. McCaslin was one of those teachers that was so sweet and so open that everyone just loved her. She was also kind of out there so people would joke around about her a lot, but I actually loved every single about her. She just has this life that I honestly want for myself. First semester of my senior year, she had this project that actually changed my life, it is the one I explained in my Touchstone Moments as a Writer post earlier in the year. It was my first shot of writing a short story and she gave me nothing but confidence. As a person (and because of my mental instability) I really do need verification that I am doing well and this is the first thing she gave me. I also need someone to tell me when I am doing something wrong and I know that is something she can give to me. She is a big reader and I have faith that she knows what is good and what is bad so I know that if I were to trust Mrs. McCaslin as my first reader, I would get both of those responses that I know I need.


2 thoughts on “Morning Pages – Trusted First Reader”

  1. I’m so glad that your trusted first reader is a teacher! I hope that when we are teachers, we are able to be that for some of our students. I also feel your pain on sharing poetry. I have so many notes in my phone of random stuff I think of and I’m terrified my sisters or someone will read it someday. I’m glad you have such an amazing woman who provides you with so much confidence!

  2. I agree with you on how uncomfortable it is to share your work with others! I have this same fear. I also agree with you on the first thing I need to hear from someone once they finish reading my work is their validation. Then, once they affirm me and build my confidence, I can handle constructive criticism. Your teacher sounds incredible and I am so glad you have some positive influences in your life who have pushed you to become the writer you are!

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