50 Great Teachers – From Afghanistan’s Rubble, A Teacher Builds A School Of Ideas

Being a teacher isn’t going to bring you a lot of wealth but it will bring you something much, much greater than that. In the article, “From Afghanistan’s Rubble, A Teacher Builds A School“, Aziz Royesh is a man from Afghanistan who has built up a school that has both challenged and gone against the extreme views of the Afghanistan government. One thing that I thought was super interesting about this incredible man is that he has created this school that gives a very liberal education. To me, the education that allows the students to challenge their teacher, disagree with their teacher, and encourages women’s liberation, and this is exactly what his school does.

Royesh is a truly incredible man. He explained to the author of this article that he easily “with his skills and connections — he could have landed a lucrative and powerful job in Afghanistan’s government, or with an international organization” but he decided that he was capable of something more. I would like to think that this is something I can relate to. Not to toot my own horn, but I do have other talents than reading, writing, and communicating, I could have chosen a path that would lead me to money or whatever else, but this is what I want. I want to take after Aziz Royesh and  create a space that is fun, good, and safe.


One thought on “50 Great Teachers – From Afghanistan’s Rubble, A Teacher Builds A School Of Ideas”

  1. I have so many thoughts when it comes to this blog post! First of all, this man reminds me of Jose Vilson in the way that he articulates his ideas! I absolutely think more educators should challenge the system.
    Another thing that I think you would enjoy hearing about is my sister’s experience with one of her teachers. His name, Mr. Hubach. He told my sister’s class at the beginning of the year that if they find mistakes in his work. Whether that is in the math he writes on the board, his grammar and spelling, or simply just giving incorrect information, he asked his students to call him out on it. He said that he is not an expert, and he does not expect them to be either. The students in this class felt so empowered when they were able to tell their teacher (who was supposed to be much smarter than them) was making the same mistakes that they themselves were making.
    Little did they know, he was doing this on purpose.
    I think it is very important to empower students. I think that builds a sense of community and pride for what they are doing. I also think that by doing this, the results will prove amazing things.
    Thank you for sharing!

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