50 Great Teachers – One Teacher’s Quest To Build Language Skills … And Self-Confidence

The teachers job is to teach. Duh. But what? Well, teach their subject. Of course. But what about self-confidence? Absolutely.

One Teacher’s Quest to Build Language Skills … And Self-Confidence“, is an incredible article about Whaley, an incredible teacher in Long Island, New York who works with English as a Second Language (ESL) students and does his best to build these students up. “He wants these kids to learn to boast about themselves” and be empowered. Being an ESL student is very difficult and very complicated and Whaley is doing everything he can to make sure these students are getting the education they deserve. “‘There’s a sense of community that’s really unsurpassed,’ and the students will take risks as a result, Epstein says. He adds that Whaley goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a teacher. ‘If one needs sneakers, I’ve seen him go out and buy sneakers. He’s gone to homes. He’s constantly on the phone, constantly emailing parents.'”

This is so awesome because he has completely dedicated not only his career but a good amount of time of his time off work to be there for these students. These students deserve to be valued and educated just like any other student and they deserve to feel good in their classroom and this is exactly what Whaley is doing.



One thought on “50 Great Teachers – One Teacher’s Quest To Build Language Skills … And Self-Confidence”

  1. Ok first of all, amazing introduction to this blog post! I loved that first little snippet. Your voice absolutely shines through!
    Also, WOW! A lot of the comments that I made on your last blog post are similar to the things that you said in this article. A lot of the same words were used like empowerment, and community. I think that it is very powerful that a lot of educators are starting to have this new outlook on their profession. I feel as thought educators are starting to no longer view their profession as a job, but rather a lifestyle. I think that it is very important to have passion for what you do, and clearly Whaley does.
    Thanks for sharing!

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