Morning Pages – Hot Button

I’m a very grey person. I’m no Derek Shephard okay, I don’t think something is either right or wrong. So, technology is awesome and it’s so cool how I am typing right now and someone in 5 minutes or 5 years will be able to read this anywhere in the world. But, it’s also kinda horrible, you go out with your friends and everyone is just on their phones the whole time.

I think in schools, technology is great. At Blevins, it is so cool that every student has a laptop and can do their work at home, no problem. But also, what if they don’t have internet or electricity? What if they just got a brand new MacBook Pro for Christmas? The laptops they receive in school are really beneficial to the students in the middle who’s parents probably have a laptop but they can use it.

Also, the technology that is used in class in Blevins is honestly kind of annoying. Their Reading Plus program is super great in theory because it is teaching them great learning skills but from what I can tell, it is mostly teaching them how to speed read. Speed reading is not valuable if they are not actually absorbing what they are reading.

Technology is great but it also sucks.


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