Dear Mrs. McCaslin,

I would first like to say that you have changed my life. You were exactly what an ally should be. You were encouraging, thoughtful, respectful, helpful, and you made our education valuable, interesting, and memorable. I will never forget the assignment we had to write for Womanhood after we read “Captivating”. I wrote about a young girl going to visit her father after being raped and finding a great guy who valued her, while going through stages of really relying on God. I remember how awesome I thought this assignment was so I actually skipped a day of school just to stay home and write this story. I ended up writing 13 pages and turning it in and being like “lol sorry, hope this okay”. When you gave it back to me, all that was written on the top was “I will buy your first novel”. I was pretty taken back by this, I don’t even know how to describe how I felt after receiving this feedback but all I know is that it gave me such confidence in something I enjoyed. You also shared with the class how incredible my story was and then told the class the next semester about my story. This interaction showed me that you are a true ally to me because you built me up as a writer and a student.

Thank you,



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