Morning Pages – Remember When

I am honestly so exhausted that trying to think about my past experiences in the classroom will probably just put me in a bad mood so I guess I’ll just choose the first memory that came to my mind.

This Tuesday actually, because of testing schedules that classes and times are all messed up, so we got to be apart of her ELO class for like 20 minutes. The students were working on writing arguments in the form of writing their parents a letter and asking for something they want. I remember doing this assignment in 4th grade and really enjoying it.

So, Ms. Bedner told us what they were doing then sent us off to ask the 6 students in the room what they had so far. I went to one student that Ms. Bedner had told us wasn’t very far at all in his work. He was sitting with his friend and was way more concerned with being a punk with his buddy than showing me he actually cared about this assignment. So I sat next to him and asked what he was thinking for this assignment and he told me he wanted to ask for a butterfly knife but his parents would probably never let him because they are illegal. I tried my best to engage with him by making jokes and asking him what he thought was so awesome about these knives. I also tried to pull ideas from him but he just simply wasn’t interested. It was frustrating because I could see that if he just stopped talking to his friend for like 15 minutes, he could easily finish his letter.

Why is this a good memory? I think I liked this student because this is the kind of behavior I expect when I become a teacher and it was fun trying to connect and engage with him with something that I was not interested in at all.


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