Meet the Expert

We met with the almighty, Dr. Antero Garcia. Below it attached a list of questions I came up before meeting with him and then there are the notes I took during our conversation. He had talked to a class I took last semester and it was breathtaking. He is a really incredible man with a lot of interesting insight and to hear him talk about what it means to be an ally and answer my questions was awesome!


-What is the difference between being an ally and a friend?

-How do we be their ally without being their friend?

-What does it mean to you to be an ally?

-How do you become an ally?


-Read Jose’s blog – social and emotional learning

-What does an ally mean to us?

-coming alongside

-not being passive

-teach how to be a citizen to society


-give attention to students who may be overlooked


-How do we be an ally for other teachers and our profession all around, community, and parents

-Being an ally isn’t about standard aligned instructors

-How do we build powerful relationships, there is no test to take

-Be a human being

-Be yourself in your class, vulnerable

-Allow students to share empathy and love

-First step, understand who your students are – first couple of weeks

-How to be an ally without being their friend?

-be a friend to a degree

-don’t close off their personal life and just open up a textbook

-think about what the fundamental needs of my students before I worry about a 5             paragraph essay

-set up a classroom that is safe

-How were you an ally?

-don’t demand respect unless you respect them

-what are you willing to do for a human being rather than what will you do for your job

-worry about your students and their well-being



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