Morning Pages – Teacher as Reader

Being a teacher as a reader means to not just teach our student to be literate but also to enjoy reading. My favorite English teacher, Mr. Twedell, made our senior class do a book report every month. We would sometimes have to write a little report about the book in class but usually we just had to fill out a sheet of paper that basically showed we read it. I did really enjoy this because I had been wanting to start reading at that time but felt like I had no time. So, being assigned to read made me actually do it. I think what I needed was just that little push to get me to love reading.

I would like to do something like this for my students when I am a teacher because they would get to choose what they wanted to read and they would have to do it in a timely manner. I would like to think that if everyone found the right book, that would fuel their fire. I would like to think that even the kids who can’t afford to buy a new book, could go to the library and go straight to their favorite author or favorite genre. I honestly do not know how to make reading fun. It isn’t if you don’t enjoy it. So I guess what I want to do is just give my students the ability to start reading and hopefully, they will find their own way to make it fun and interesting.


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