Morning Pages -Privilege Walk

“As an African-American lesbian woman, I was always aware of my privilege, or lack there of. I knew that in most situations and places in my life, I have felt unsafe. While doing this exercise, we all started at the line together; we would all walk together, but then they all kept going forward while I kept going back. I see this in my life everyday, I always feel like I need to catch up.”

In my ideal classroom, I am the minority. I am one of the few white people in the room. I want to work in a very underprivileged area where everyone is pretty much at the same level. I do not think it would be extremely useful to show these students what they do not have. I do not think that this would be the most positive experience for them. I think they would walk away from it feeling bad about their life and about themselves. But if I were to be teaching a classroom in Fort Collins, I would love to do this exercise. I think it would be very helpful to remind the students how diverse this city is and just remind them to not take for granite what they have. I would also like to sometime work in Boulder and I think this would also be very interesting to do there. That is a pretty middle-upper class area and I would first like to show them the privileges they have. So let’s say, Monday morning second week of class, we do this exercise and they do it based on their privilege. Then, Friday I would give them a new identity; give them a note card with when to step forward and when to step back. I think that would also be very powerful for a group of students that may not be completely aware of their privilege.

Wow okay never mind, I don’t want to make my students do anything they do not want to do and feel uncomfortable.


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