After School Special (Programs)


Youth Radio, as of right now, is the coolest organization I have ever heard of. They started off as a small program in “Berkeley during a period of heightened youth violence and homicide, Youth Radio was established as an outlet for Bay Area youth to process their experiences and provide an alternative perspective to the prevailing media dialogue” but then went out to Oakland and are now “a world-class center of art, commerce, and culture”. Youth Radio’s mission is “to launch young people on career and education pathways by engaging them in work-based learning opportunities, creative expression, professional development, and health and academic support services”.

Basically Youth Radio is this incredible place where kids in really bad areas who are interested in digital media and technology. This place has professions come in and teach which is so incredibly awesome! These young people ultimately end up learning how to create music that could actually help them get out of their bad neighborhoods and get them a job that they would enjoy.

Youth Radio also rocks because one of the enrollment requirements is to be a high school student and the classes are all in the afternoon. This program is encouraging these students to not only just attend classes that they really enjoy but also get a high school education.There is also no minimum GPA which cool because some students are just not good at school. But there is also a downside to this because they could just be putting all their focus in this program and their future and not pay any attention to their school work. I think there should be a minimum GPA requirement to stay in the program so to be a type of incentive for doing well in school.

Overall I think this program rocks and the fact that is located in cities like LA, Atlanta, and Washington DC is great because these are areas with very troubled students that probably really want to get into the music industry.



Okay, Youth Voices is now the coolest organization I have ever heard of. So this is a site set up by teachers to allow conversation about really important topics like; global warming, rape, politics, and other topics that adults usually ignore a child’s opinion. It is a website created with a curriculum to bring students across the country together to write about their passions and interact with people and say things they may not have the chance to in a regular school setting.

This website not only allows students to voice their opinions but to learn a lot about the world around them! This a great place for students who maybe don’t have a great outlet to voice their opinions or who want to learn more about what is happening out in the world! It’s also awesome because there are teachers who are overseeing what is posted to make sure this stays as an educational website.

This could also be a great way for teachers in the classroom to connect with their students outside of the classroom! A fun assignment would be to have all the students go home and find a topic they are particularly passionate about or interested in and do some research and really engage with the information.


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