I’m starting to think about how cool it would be to get a chance to work with English Language Learners (ELL). These are students who may be overlooked by other teachers because they can not speak English as well as other students but in my ENGLISH classroom, I have the ability to really teach these kids. Yes, every student needs education in other areas but it’s hard to get by without a good vocabulary, so I’m basically saying being an English teacher is better than being any other teacher.  Being an English teacher to ELL students, you are the one who is really in charge of giving them the most information about the English language.

Anyways, National Council of Teachers of English directed me to an awesome post about “Supporting Comprehension Strategies for English Language Learners“. This had a lot of suggestions but three really stuck out to me; use a lot of graphic organizers, “teach the terms directly, and then applying them through teacher-modeling and student practice using visual text, comprehensible texts, and complex texts”, and use think-aloud protocols that “teach the processes of literary and stylistic analysis” and “teach research-supported comprehension strategies such as predicting/clarifying predictions, summarizing, evaluating, inferencing, connecting, and understanding Question-Answer Relationships (QAR)”.


One thought on “ELL”

  1. Wanting to be a teacher for ELL students is very admirable! You’re going to love taking E322 with Cindy next semester because that is largely what we discuss in that class. Learning about how we can help ELLs is so important and I can’t wait to see your excitement for these students grow next semester!

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