Morning Pages – The Surprising Power of Failure

I was actually just thinking about this today after my lab. We were on our way out and the trouble maker, Isaiah had asked me multiple times if I could take him outside and do a reading conference with him (not because he wanted to discuss his book, but so he wouldn’t have to work). As we were leaving he asks us if we can take him out next week, my immediate reaction was to be sarcastic and I said, “oh yeah for sure” but Hailey said, “well if you are good for the rest of the time in class until we come back, we will ask Ms. Bednar if you behaved well, if you did, we will”. Ms. Bednar looked at him and made the “ooooooh” face, like “wow, that was really good”.

Dude, I felt so low. Why didn’t I think of that? I don’t believe in incentives but I guess in this case, it would make since. I felt like a failure of a future teacher. What if I never think to say things like that? What if all I do is joke around with the kids and never actually make a professional relationship with them?

After reading, “This is Not a Test”, I read that José only jokes around with the students until he knows they have his respect. What if I can’t gain respect without laughing with them?

I’m really worried that I will not be any good at this job. I don’t know how to spell, I can’t think fast on me feet like Hailey did, I don’t know how to connect with these kids! I’m worried that I won’t learn anything and I’ll just be the same clueless observer I am now – only there will be no respect in my classroom, or I will just never get a job.


One thought on “Morning Pages – The Surprising Power of Failure”

  1. Just to say, I have absolutely no worries that you will be good at this job. None. I’ve discovered that you learn to be good on your feet by being on your feet. I know that you will forge strong relationships with you students, too, and as Jose pointed out, that’s the first step to teaching them. Yep, you’re going to fail. I still do for sure, but you’ll learn from it, too, and get better at you craft as a result. Be patient with yourself! Just show up and great things will happen. I’m sure of it 🙂

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