Morning Pages – “All teachers are teachers of reading”

While doing my case study for EDUC 340 last night I thought a lot about this quote. I basically came to the conclusion that reading goes far beyond literally reading books, assignments, the board, whatever. Reading is being able to understand directions, where you are, where you are going, what is happening, etc.

I really like the question “how do we teach the students that are struggling in a world that demands immediate success”. I don’t know. I have a lot of trouble with this because I expect immediate success from myself. I feel like, for the type of classroom I want to set up and the environment I want to create, a way to compromise with this is to set up little tiny goals for the day, week, and/or month.


One thought on “Morning Pages – “All teachers are teachers of reading””

  1. I think it’s really brave of you to admit that you don’t know. I completely agree! I don’t think that’s something I am able to teach right now because I always expect myself to have success on my first attempt. I think saying we don’t know is a good step though. We have to “fail forward” like Cindy says, allow our students to see that, and then succeed later.

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