Morning Pages – Open Door Policy

I think having an open door policy is arguably one of the best policies a teacher can have. The Open Door Policy means to me just being available for any student at a designated time. I think for new teachers this is awesome because students can come in at any time and it is a great way to get to know them outside of those 50 minutes where you are teaching them. I also think Open Door Policy should be accepted as a term outside of school. I would love to give my students my phone number and tell them that if they need help with something, like a paper or project, they can text or call me by 10 pm and I will help them. With extreme circumstances, I would notify all the students in class that my Open Door Policy will be later, like for really big assignments, I will be available until 2 am. I think this can get tricky because it is important to keep your personal and professional life separate but being available for your students is so important!


One thought on “Morning Pages – Open Door Policy”

  1. I think keeping an open-door policy with students is really important too! It’s also a great way to be a teacher as an ally. If you can help your student with a paper at 2 AM, you might just be the greatest teacher ever!

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