Connected Learning Principles

I signed up to complete the badge “Connected Learner” and honestly I didn’t really know what it was. I did not know what a connected learner was until I read this post, Connected Learning Principles. This site really cleared a lot of things up and actually really helped me. One part of this post was that “connected learning seeks to harness and integrate the learning that young people pursue in the spheres of interest, peer relations, and academics based on the following three learning principles: interest-powered, peer-supported, and academically oriented”.

Interest-powered learning is exactly what it sounds like. Research finally showed that the best learning happens when the kid is interested and engaged. Shocking right? But connected learning also does is they don’t just rely on the interests the students already have, they want to build on those and create new interests and passions, thus creating “personalized learning pathways that allow for specialized and diverse identities and interests”.

Peer-supported learning is also exactly what is sounds like; peers working together is helpful.”Powerful learning” happens when”young people fluidly contribute, share, and give feedback to one another”. Research also found out that “peer-isolated” learning does not always have to happen. In fact, adult participation works really well when “everyone gives feedback to one another and can contribute and share their knowledge and views”.

Academically oriented learning is what we do everyday when we go to class, no duh. But this is only really effective when partnered with inter-powered and peer-supported learning. Another cool thing connected learning does is it “mines and translates popular peer culture and community-based knowledge for academic relevance”.

So basically I have learned that connected learning is putting/connecting all the things that actually work in education and cutting out the bullshit. I love it. I can’t wait to dive in even more with this badge.


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