Digital Literacies Lesson Plans

My favorite digital literacy lesson plan that I found is the Weekly Writer’s Blog: Building a Reflective Community of Support. This lesson plan is basically like what we do in #CO301D (which is awesome because I love this class more than anything in the entire world), we have Morning Pages which is us just writing about a particular prompt that either we come up with or one that Cindy provides for us. This lesson plan is designed so that students will “think critically about their writing, communicate clearly about their writing, review blog writing conventions, read and respond to blog entries of other writers”. I think this is a great example of what connected learning would look like. I know that by having the students write everyday about a prompt I provide or just let them write about something that is on their mind will TOTALLY help them become better writers and learners. I like that this lesson plan includes peer learning. I think that by opening up the room to a discussion after we write in the morning will get the students to think more about what they wrote and what their peers think and wrote as well and I think that this discussion afterwards is extremely important because of this.


One thought on “Digital Literacies Lesson Plans”

  1. I agree, I love CO301d and the classroom environment it cultivates. Morning pages has become a great outlet for me to let down my walls and just write whatever is on my mind. Also, by having a personal blog, I feel less stressed about making everything “perfect” and can just write freely. Which is why I believe students would respond so well to this idea as well. I also loved what you said about discussion after morning pages. I am a huge verbal processor and often times have to talk out loud before I write something. therefore, I believe some kids were learn a lot by writing about an issue, while others will learn more through discussion. Implementing both environments is important in order to reach all students learning needs. Good stuff Anna!

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