Meet the Expert Part 2

Our #CO301D class got the pleasure of meeting with Antero Garcia again and this time we got to ask him about what connected learning means to him. Below are the notes I took of our interview:

What is connected learning to you?

-starts with teenagers and younger and what they do out of school,





-informal learning process we take for granted

-intermural sporting activities



-students already have it

-no teacher for minecraft

-ask them questions

-what do we do with it inside schools

-draw from what they are doing

-get out of the way


How to bring the authority out of them?

-you don’t

-why do they do things and how to we bring them into the classroom


How to implement into the classroom

-How do I know what my students are interested and how do I foster help, how do I get out of the way and let them do their thing


Multiple Intelligence

-figure out how to incorporate their interest into the content from class


Work as a connected learner ambassador

-share space by engaging the conversation

-who to get teachers to rethink their role

-different places to show our roles as a teacher


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