Personal Stories on Connected Learning

So I’m reading an article about a teacher at Brown University, Ian Gonsher. He teaches in the School of Engineering but he feels that art and design are just as important as math and science.

Ian says, “I hope my class challenges students to explore new ways of producing value, meaning, and utility in the objects and experiences they are designing. I hope design students recognize the extraordinary opportunities they have to shape the behaviors and experiences that emerge from our built environment and material culture.” I really like this because first off he hopes his class “challenges students to explore”. That right there is gold. That is something every single teacher should hope to do every time a student walks into their classroom.

Ian also says, “There is a special kind of magic in translating an abstract idea into a concrete object”. Okay, pretty much every single teacher practically lives for those “aha” moments and I can’t wait to see my students have those. In lab this semester at Blevins Middle School, I got to experience that with one of the students who had trouble the entire semester. It was absolutely the best feeling I have ever had seeing her understand something because of the way I explained it to her.

I think Ian is an awesome teacher and he has a lot of incredible things to say.


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