Connected Learning

I have found that connected learning is the best kind of learning. It is basically putting all the awesome parts of education together and taking out all the dumb stuff that just makes the students miserable. I really wish that this was known when I was in school because I would probably have a much more positive experience and outlook on education.

Writing that I just thought of what Jose Vilson said in his book, that the reason he wanted to become a teacher is because he had such horrible teachers and he told himself he could do better. When I was planning my life, laying awake at night, I don’t think I ever actually said to myself, “Anna you can do better”. That could be the self-loathing that was holding me back from saying that, but I honestly think that is why I want to be a teacher. I hated school, I hated learning and being in the same classroom everyday, it was horrible. But I do really love English and I do honestly believe I can be a good teacher.


One thought on “Connected Learning”

  1. You’re going to be such a great teacher and you’re right, connected learning is the best kind of learning! Remember the negative experiences you had as a student when you are a teacher and make sure you don’t replicate them. I know you won’t but it’s important not to forget these moments if we are going to be great teachers.

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