Design Project Assignment

For my design project assignment I am having my “student” choose a issue they have with education. The students are the ones that obviously get the most effected by education so it is important to hear what they have to say. But they also will have to propose a solution to this problem. I would be pairing them up according to what they think is the biggest issue and they will have to draw out a movie and then with iMovie, make a movie and present it to the class. I had to do this project as well and it was really fun. The hardest part was definitely deciding on a topic but they will already be assigned their topic because the day before, they will say what they think the biggest challenge is. I also will have the students use 3 or more sources for their project to present facts and because I had a lack of time, I was not able to find 3 or more sources on “too much gum under the desks”. But this was actually a really fun assignment because I got to be really creative with my drawings that I found on the internet and the background audio. I would love to present this example to my classroom because it will show them that although this is a serious assignment, there is still room to be creative and fun with it.


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