“You get an ally, and YOU get an ally, YOU ALL ARE GETTING BRAND NEW ALLIES” – Oprah Winfrey (probably)

Ever since I began the Teacher as Ally badge, the only thing on my mind really is, “what teachers are allies” and when I see one that isn’t an ally, I get really offended.

I hate looking back at my education and thinking “wow, I never had a true ally”. I had teachers that would build me up, but it was hard to write a letter to my teacher and say she was an ally knowing very well, she was not but she was the closest thing I had.

I think the reason why I feel so strongly about being an ally to my future students is because I don’t want my students to look back and say the same things I am.

My little (sister from my sorority) had a really horrible interaction with her advisor this week and it just FILLED ME RAGE!

So basically, she is a Bio-chemistry major (blows my mind how smart and incredible she is) and she wants to go to medical school, obviously. She kind of had a rough semester last semester (2.4) but if it were any other major, people wouldn’t think twice about it. But also, freshman who completely succeed their first semester and have a great social life are probably robots who are not happy with their lives.

So she goes to her advisor Thursday to just ask if she can intern at his lab this summer, well he goes on saying that she is completely wasting her time in her sorority, she will not get into medical school, a “good” student is someone who goes straight from class to the library (WHICH SHE DOES EVERYDAY), and she should consider changing her major.

First of all, WHAT KIND OF PERSON SAYS THAT. Like there is a difference between being honest and being a jerk. This man is NOT an ally. No student deserves to be cut down like that. Like how did he even think that was an okay thing to say? I just feel like this teacher has no respect for his students and even his job.



One thought on ““You get an ally, and YOU get an ally, YOU ALL ARE GETTING BRAND NEW ALLIES” – Oprah Winfrey (probably)”

  1. You are so passionate about teacher ally and it’s awesome! I cannot believe when advisors do this to their students (especially when they are only freshmen). If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen. I’m glad you believe in your sister and I’m glad you believe in allies!

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