Web 2.0 Tools & Teaching with Technology

The first presentation I loved was the one about the Web Whiteboard. I loved it so much and learned a lot from it that I actually incorporated it into one of my lessons for my 6th grade class. It basically is a whiteboard on the web. The students are given a prompt and can either draw or or write on the screen. I also love that it can be used for a gallery walk, every student can get up see what everyone else is thinking and what their final product is. This is awesome because it allows the students to CREATE something! They are given guidence and then set free to to make something out of their understanding and then they apply it. I think this tool uses reaches all parts of Bloom’s Taxonomy because it begins with remembering (recalling the facts), understanding how their prior knowledge and what they know relates to the prompt, then they apply, analyze, and evaluate that knowledge and create something with it. This is a perfect tool to use.

I also liked PearDeck because it was basically like the wildly familiar PowerPoint. It appeared to be just like any other type of slide show tool, which is great because it is a familiar. But then the presenter gave us a code and we were able to open the show on our own screens. I liked this because if I set up my classroom to be nontraditional and not every desk was set up so the student would be looking directly where the projector pointed, they can look at their own screen and not be uncomfortable. This is also great because if their are links that are meant to be interactive are imbedded in the presentation, the students can just click on the link and this would eliminate a transition that could get students off track and distracted. I think Bloom’s Taxonomy can be used depending on the type of presentation given. It is up to the creator of the show to incorporate this or not.

Kahoot is a site that should be known by all educators. It is an excellent formative assessment that teachers can collect data from while the students are actively engaged and learning. This is a site that is a quiz but it turns it into a game because each student is playing against each other. One thing I am uneasy with this site is the scores of each student are posted after each question. I think it adds a good amount of competitiveness to see who is winning but some students may be insecure about their low scores being shown to the whole class. I think this is another site that depends on the content of the Kahoot of whether or not it follows Bloom’s Taxonomy.

One thing that really stood out to me when reading Chapter 2 of Future Ready Learning when thinking about the Web 2.0 tools, is how educators can design “highly engaging and relative learning experiences”. We have the ability to find out what is interesting to our students through the internet so can also create lessons and activities that are meaningful to them because of their relevancy and relateability. Technology is what kids use everyday and it is what they are interested in; by giving them the opportunity to technology is not only fun for them but we have the ability to show them other meaningful purposes of how to use technology responsibly [insert “digital citizenship” and other buzzwords here].


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