Web 2.0

The application I used for my Web 2.0 presentation is called Wufoo. It basically is a site that is used for online surveys and it gives the creator of the survey instant feedback. The cool thing about this site is that it is so easy to use and it is very versatile. It can be used by anyone for any purpose. I can imagine teachers getting the most use out of this because it can be used for a quick, easy formative assessment. I want to stress that I think this would be best used for formative assessments because I think there is only room for a small amount of content. This is a site for surveys, not tests.

This is a site that will be easy for native and immigrant technology users because the first thing you see when you go to wufoo.com is “create and share” and then is followed by two clickable icons: “Pro Signup” and “Sign Up Free”. I chose “Sign Up Free” because I was not sure if I would like this site or not, I also have been told countless times to never pay for site subscriptions. After clicking on “Sign Up Free”, I entered my email address, password, and then username. After signing up, you can go straight into creating a form/survey. In the upper right hand corner, there is an icon that saying “ + New Form”. After clicking that you see this:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.32.12 PM.png

In order to create your own and unique survey you can click any of the “standard” fields that will make up your survey. I think this is very easy to use because it is very straightforward and walks the user through their site easily with a step-by-step process.

The survey that I designed for my presentation is something I would use to gage information of the students at the beginning of the year so that I could begin to get to know them and use this information to give them the best possible education. But, as I mentioned above, this should be used for formative assessments at anytime during a unit. Depending on the questions the students are given and what I want to know about their understanding, they could evaluate, analyze, apply, understand, and remember (Bloom’s Taxonomy). This is something that can be passed out to them on paper, so it would definitely be used as a substitution for the old school pencil and paper. But I would recommend using this site if the students are already on a device so to illuminate pointless transitions.

Using this in a classroom, and assuming there is a class site that accessed daily (ex. Schoology), I would put the link of the survey on the class page and ask the students to click on the link and fill out the survey. Here is a photo of what my survey looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.51.51 PM.png

I would love to use this for an exit ticket or ticket out the door. After I see the student has submitted their survey I would allow them to leave the class. I think the information I get from the completed surveys would be an excellent way to collect data; I could use it to determine the level of understanding of each student and rethink my next lessons. This is definitely a tool I would use in my classroom because of the accessibility and instant data that can be collected.

Here is a link of my full survey: https://alarcuri.wufoo.com/forms/get-to-know-you/


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