Google Add-Ons

The first Google Add-On I found that I really liked was “Read and Write”. I like this because a lot kids may have reading comprehension problems and a major part of this add-on is an automated voice will read aloud to selected text. I would love to teach students how to use this during research projects because research articles can often get very dense and even good readers have problems reading academic articles. I also like this because everything that a student may need to help them read is right there: you can highlight words and find the definition, create vocabulary list, and many more things. I think that this is an excellent use of technology because it expands the learning of the student and they are learning multiple things at once at a pace that keeps them engaged. It also reaches students with disabilities which is hard to find sometimes.

Another Google Add-On I like is “Pro Writing Aid”. I would use this for more advanced writers because although it shows the errors that need to be corrected, there is limited explanation. Advanced writers can use this tool as a reminder and a quick fix while other writers should be taught what to do and how to fix it as apposed to just seeing it. I would love to use this in an advanced classroom so this program can fix the grammar issues and then we can come together in class and work on the content and depth of the paper.

The Google Add-On I found is “Kaizena Shortcuts”. This is a tool that organizes feedback on Google Docs. You have a personal conversation with each student regarding their uploaded work. You can add voice messages, videos, and written comments. I feel the other ways to leave comments and feedback on Google Docs can get confusing and messy but this really organizes the feedback. I also like that the student can make adjustments to their work and then resubmit it to the same conversation and that way the teacher and student can see all the feedback given regarding this one conversation.


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