Technology Philosophy Statement

I believe in incorporating technology into the classroom as much as possible. I understand that students now and my future students are absorbed and encompassed by technology, it is what they know and they are experts on it. By not adding different aspects of technology into their learning would be a disservice to them. Because they already understand technology so much, incorporating it into their learning can be a tool to help scaffold.

My first job will be probably be a couple years away so in order to stay up to date on the newest trends, and even when I am a teacher, I will heavily rely on reading. I know that a lot of teachers often use blogs and twitter to update their followers on their classrooms, so by following many different professionals I think will be very helpful for me. When I am a teacher I plan on using my students to help me with what technology to use. Students have so much to offer their teachers that I would be missing out if I did not turn to them to ask for help. Again, they know technology better than I probably do and it is their classroom too. So, if they are using a site or program that I can use to teach them, that would be awesome. Of course technology can fail us in the classroom: it can be distracting and it can just simply not work. Having clear expectations for technology (and everything else) for the classroom and the students can set the tone for what is appropriate or not at certain times. Also, a huge part of being a teacher is being prepared and having backup plans so if the technology does not work, have something else in mind for the students to do.

Technology can be used effectively in my classroom when there are clear expectations for what is appropriate or not, it is appropriate for the students learning abilities, and a clear learning target is achieved by my students.



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