Tell Me Something Good

The first song that popped into my mind (that I liked enough to write about) that is my “personal theme song” is “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. I am on a HUGE Fleetwood Mac kick right now and I just cannot get enough of them. “The Chain” was honestly introduced to me by Harry Styles when he sang it live on BBC radio a couple months ago. I had heard about him singing it on social media but then my mom sent me a link (which is something she never does) of the video. I watched it and was filled with genuine joy and I was just happy. It sounded so raw and original coming from him and I replayed him over and over again. I was talking to my dad about it one day and he asked me if I listened to the original version and I was like “uh no… I guess I haven’t thought to do that.” Ever since then I have been obsessed.

I like to listen to this song because it just makes me happy. It makes me happy thinking that it makes Harry Styles happy and I am not ashamed to say that! I typically like certain songs according to certain weather or place (something I have always thought about but it seems weird seeing it written down) but this song makes me happy in any kind of weather or any place. Whenever I listen to it, I get a very positive energy; I feel excited but also very ~c00l~.

“Honestly, f off dad. Fleetwood Mac rocks.”

-Anna Arcuri, 2016



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