Build-A-School Pt. 2

The first time we wrote on this prompt, I focused on the inside of the classroom and I think I will again.

This is what I wrote last time:

“If I could build my own school… I would love to have a large campus. I think getting to get out of the classroom, out of the building, go outside, and go somewhere different is great for re-energizing and giving variety to students. I would have all students use standards-based grading and project-based learning and if the students transferred or graduated, there would be a system to transcribe their scores to fit into the necessary form for where they are going next. We would focus on students learning and growth and not on what the state or district wants us to do. We would have teachers dedicated to the education, growth, experiences of the students. We would offer courses that prepare students for real-life jobs and scenarios. We would focus on being career ready, not necessarily college ready. Students would be prepared for wherever they will go next.”

I don’t think my ideas have changed that much. I still am a huge advocate for standards-based grading and project-based learning. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I decided I wanted to be a teacher, but now that I am almost finished here (YIKES) I can’t imagine my passion for education existing if I did not know about and teach with standards-based grading and project-based learning.

Either I never noticed that I was learning through projects or my teachers just never did it but I want my students in this school to know exactly what will be happening. Students will know WHAt they are learning and WHY. Students will never have the question “why are we learning this?” go unanswered. Students will never receive an assignment back and ask “why did I get this grade?”. The teachers will be completely transparent with their students and the administration will be completely transparent with their staff. No more living in the dark.

Oooh, maybe I’ll call this dream school the “Lighthouse” and our mascot will be maybe a pirate or seal or manatee. Idk. I’ll have to think about that.


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