dear me,


Dear Me,

The little girl who is eating the cake on her 5th birthday at Chucky Cheese will one day become a teacher. You will go from wanting to be a writer to a designer to finally coming to terms with becoming a teacher. You will need mentors that give you endless support and friends that keep you alive, literally. You will wobble and you will flow but you will sit next to the best teacher you have ever had and made you feel the need to be a teacher. You will sit in this seat just after finishing your last day with the high school students. You will try not to cry as you think about all the lesson plans, all the kids, and all the peers, but will fail. You will be lazy and you will be tired but you will learn and you will grow. You will never be without help and you will become a teacher that you always wished you had. You will love your students and you will care for them; you will talk to them and you will teach them.


Dear Me,

It’s me, the little girl eating cake at her 5th birthday party at Chucky Cheese. When you are 22, you are unhappy with yourself but you are passionate. What I need you to do is to take the time to prioritize yourself; not your future but your self. You have your future down and I know you aren’t worried but you are not healthy. You do not live a sustainable life; if you keep your bullshit up you will not be able to be the teacher you want to be and can be. As a fresh five-year-old, please don’t ruin my life because you want to play Sims and sleep all the time. Students need you, be there.


One thought on “dear me,”

  1. Anna, I think you really were born to do this job and that you will do it well. As I’ve watched you over the semester and seen your face light up when you talk about your kids in your practicum classroom, I can see that you will become the teacher that you wish you had.

    Real life can be awful and wonderful in one fell swoop, but it’s no simulation (and besides, who would want a teacher who walks like the Sims walk anyway?). You’ll figure it out, and people who love you will help you when you don’t. Just keep showing up in your life like you showed up in Chucky Cheese. The pizza may be meh, and the gigantic mouse will always be terrifying, but birthday crowns and cake are basically the best. And so are you ❤

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